Distribution Intelligence

Core to Vanward’s cross-border fund servicing, Vanward distribution intelligence services are designed to assist asset managers develop, execute, and evaluate their distribution strategy.

Strategy Development: Market Analysis

Working with many of the most successful cross-border asset managers globally, we have developed specific regional expertise enabling us to provide insight and intelligence tailored to the clients’ needs around market entry, distribution channels, competitive landscape and asset flows.

Strategy Execution: Operational Support

Vanward provides a unique Global Service Model which enables asset managers to distribute their product in multiple markets. At the core of this model is our single technology platform which leads to a high level of global integration and coordination

   • our Transfer Agency offering is the cornerstone of our distribution support model, allowing fully localized investor onboarding support with industry leading technology
   • Vanward Infomediary® messaging and connectivity platform is deployed to harmonize, translate, and transmit electronic data to facilitate fund distribution efficiency
   • Vanward Fund Order & Custody includes a proprietary investment fund order and processing platform, Fund WorldView®, which helps connect global asset managers with local financial institutions that buy and hold funds

Strategy Evaluation: Data Analysis

Asset managers need to monitor and regularly review the success of their distribution strategy. Based on a client’s transfer agency data, and comparing that to market data, we can help evaluate distribution channel performance in individual markets.