Investment Management

Vanward's mission is to be the greatest at long-term capital preservation and growth for our clients. We concentrate on scalable investment strategies in which our philosophy, methodology, and experience can produce distinctive outcomes. Vanward Investment Management has been managing equity and fixed income investments, and what sets us apart is our distinctive investment strategy.

Our investment strategy is governed by a set of fundamental principles that are applied to the entirety of our investment portfolio. Together, they constitute a time-tested philosophy that has allowed us to establish long-lasting client relationships and set us apart from our competitors.

Our investment principles:
• concentrate on asset preservation
• Value-based strategy
• bottom-up primary research
• view of the long haul
• discipline and tolerance

Learn how our bottom-up investment strategy incorporatesenvironmental, social and governance (ESG) considerations.

Public Equity

With an emphasis on capital preservation, Vanward's public equity strategies aim to generate attractive long-term investment returns across complete market cycles.


Fixed Income

We offer taxable, tax-exempt, and inflation-indexed strategies that employ our distinctive investment philosophy and valuation methodology to generate long-term returns that surpass those of our competitors.


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