Depositary & Trustee

With a combined industry experience of over 200 years, Vanward is a leading provider of depositary and trustee services for our clients global domiciled funds.

We design and deliver comprehensive operating models for complex products across a broad range of asset classes and investment strategies. Working closely with our clients, we ensure that their assets are adequately safeguarded and help them comply with their own fiduciary obligations.


Vanward applies a risk-based, continuous oversight and monitoring approach. A thorough assessment of the risks associated with the nature, scale and complexity of the fund’s strategy and fund manager’s organization determines the appropriate scope and frequency of the oversight procedures applied.

The depositary and trustee services departments are functionally and hierarchically segregated from operational activities. This enables independence and objectivity in the protection of investors.

Through our active engagement in various depositary industry forums and working groups we can translate regulatory knowledge and marketplace intelligence into insights to help clients navigate the constantly changing regulatory landscape.