At Vanward International, we believe in giving back to both the local and global communities and that is being reflected in our philanthropic endeavours.

With our headquarters based in both Hong Kong & Singapore, major cities involved in the C40 Cities Climate Leaders group and a large number of our satellite offices in OECD affiliated countries (UK, Spain, Switzerland etc.) we have made significant donations and adjustments to our business model to make our Company and culture more sustainably viable for future generations.

In accordance with our philanthropic mission, we prioritise the following areas.

Providing residents in our local communities with the essentials to enhance their quality of life, including:
- serving meals to the destitute
- donating food and gifts during the holidays
- constructing homes for low-income families
- citywide clean-up initiatives
- school beautification efforts

Providing individuals with the resources and skills necessary for success, including:
- distributing books and school supplies
- assisting with tax returns
- assembling literacy packages
- teaching leadership skills
- reading to elementary school students
- assisting with resume writing

Vanward Employee Relief Fund - Workers Aiding Workers
The Vanward Employee Relief Fund is a charitable organisation supported predominantly by contributions from Vanward employees and business partners. Its primary mission is to provide financial assistance to eligible Vanward employees and their immediate families in the event of unanticipated emergencies and basic living expenses caused by catastrophic events. The purpose of the fund is to provide relief by assisting to alleviate a portion of the financial burden caused by such difficult circumstances. The assistance is provided as soon as administratively practicable in an effort to provide support and defray a portion of the associated expenses.

Helping Hands programme
Helping less fortunate, providing the skills, tools and confidence needed to re-enter the workplace in the Food/Customer service sector.

Vanward Future
Providing mentorship, scholarship and Work placement for students who could potentially become the future of Vanward International.