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Private Wealth Management

Comprehensive private wealth management experience possible over the long term

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We have a comprehensive understanding of the challenges faced by private companies

Private Equity

Collaborates with high-caliber management teams guiding businesses through crucial growth

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Managed fixed income strategies for public and private institutions and wealthy families

About Us

We are Vanward International, a leading private equity firm based primarily in Hong Kong & Singapore. We specialise in providing strategic investments and financial expertise to unlock the full potential of various businesses across multiple industries. We are dedicated to providing long term value and driving growth for our clients and we have the client-centric approach and strong track record to back it.

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Our Services

Private Equity

We provide our clients with access to global markets, and our team is available to assist you in navigating the vast array of available investment vehicles. Additionally, our personal advisors collaborate closely with clients to determine the most suitable options given their circumstances.


As seasoned trustees and executors, we collaborate with clients and their advisors to administer all types of trusts, from simple living trusts to complex estate planning vehicles propelled by tax considerations. We also provide specialised services for retirement and charitable foundations.


With global access to hedge funds, we offer our clients unrivalled opportunities, and our team is here to ensure your success. Our extensive expertise in this field enables us to assist clients in selecting the optimal hedge fund for their portfolios.


Real estate market performance is inextricably linked to local economies, and we leverage our global network to research and analyse economic data to comprehend market direction and gain insights that inform our investment strategies.


We provide our clients with access to a vast selection of hard and soft commodities by leveraging our global reach and networks to offer you the opportunities. With an understanding of our client's position and the true value of commodity options, we aim to discover portfolio-improving solutions.

Private Client Lending

We provide you and your family with flexible, collateralized credit in the form of personal loans and credit lines.

To accumulate any wealth, you must invest at a growth rate higher than inflation.

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