Fund Accounting

The complex business and regulatory landscape is driving more asset managers to redefine their fund accounting strategy. Technological stability, business continuity and risk management have moved to the forefront of the decision making process. Partnering with a global fund accounting provider that is equipped with a stable, controlled and independent systems infrastructure, that provides transparency into the net asset value (NAV) calculation is essential.

With proven expertise, and dependable system and servicing capabilities designed to enable growth, Vanward Fund Accounting is recognized for our ability to support complex investment types and fee calculations across fund domiciles, jurisdictions and entity types. We are structured to provide seamlessly coordinated global execution and differentiated industry and portfolio insights.

Controlled and Independent Systems Infrastructure

Clients benefit from our single global technology platform and proprietary system code. With full responsibility and control over the development, quality, maintenance and production support of our fund accounting infrastructure, we can continually focus our technology investments on performance, scalability, functionality and workflow efficiency. One key example of our investment in digital solutions is our NAV Progress tool, which provides our clients with real-time transparency into the NAV production process throughout the day. Our risk and change management procedures are designed to mitigate failures, while providing stability and resiliency.

Delivering Measurably Superior Service

Vanward is committed to delivering a measurably superior client service experience. Our flexible global service model is 24-hour and tailored to our clients’ geographic, language, and time zone needs. Regardless of client location or fund domicile, our service teams and clients access the same systems and real-time information for quick inquiry turnaround. Our experts think critically through the end-to-end accounting process and focus on a goal of 100% NAV accuracy. This service structure enables us to develop automated solutions to mitigate risk, and improve quality and efficiency.