US Small & Mid-Cap Equity

Vanward Small-to-Mid-Cap Equity invests in a limited number of unpopular and/or under-followed small and mid-cap companies without the use of leverage or shorting. The strategy typically invests in eight to fifteen companies with a three- to five-year horizon. Typically, investments are traded if their price appreciation exceeds their estimated intrinsic value*.

We adhere to a rigorous investment process and select a group of well-positioned companies trading at a substantial discount to our estimate of their intrinsic value. We conduct extensive due diligence on each portfolio company, and we focus our investments on companies and industries that we know and understand, such as information services and software, outsourced business services, cable television and programming, consumer goods or services manufacturers, and financial services. After making an investment, we conduct ongoing discussions with industry participants and maintain an ongoing dialogue with the company's management.