Currency Hedging

Whether managing an international portfolio with unwanted currency exposure or multi currency hedged share class offerings, Vanward offers a comprehensive and flexible passive currency hedging solution.

Created specifically for asset managers, Vanward's currency hedging solution reduces the operational burden of in-house program management, allowing managers to focus on core functions.

Delegate the Process, Not the Control

Featuring a configurable dashboard, FX HedgeHubâ„¢, an online reporting platform, provides a 360-degree view of our clients' universe of currency hedged products. HedgeHub aligns with key stakeholders demands around oversight and transparency, solves for major asset manager pain points such as disparate and incomplete data and delivers interactive, centralized reporting.

Comprehensive End-to-End Hedging Solution

We work with clients to create hedging programs aimed at minimizing tracking errors and transaction costs of each mandate relative to the hedging objective. Our solution encompasses customized program calibration and implementation design, daily monitoring and hedge administration, trade calculation, trade execution, and detailed reporting.

Operational Efficiency through Scalability

Regardless of how simple or complex the operational process, Vanward's systems are designed for efficiency and scalability. Our comprehensive pre- and post-trade monitoring and validation help to confirm appropriate trades are consistently generated within agreed upon parameters.

Execution Expertise

Our experienced global team includes dedicated traders who understand the market dynamics needed to deliver effective execution in deliverable and non-deliverable forwards (NDFs). Leveraging the interbank and broker relationships of our trading desk, we have the ability to offer multiple execution choices resulting in access to the market from a panel of liquidity providers.*

*Not available for all products