Investment Profile

Vanward aims to invest in businesses that satisfy the following criteria:

Organisational Characteristics:

indispensable goods or services

recurring earnings or robust cash flow

strong management teams and investors who share our interests.

significant competitive advantages, defended market positions, and widespread product acceptance

Financial structures with an adequate margin for error

Investment hypotheses that are verifiable through exhaustive due diligence

identifiable acquirers even in less favourable operating environments

Investment Size:

$10 million to $125 million

Significantly larger quantities are invested through co-investments and limited partners.

Deal Types:

management buyouts

development initiatives

recapitalizations (including refunds of dividends)

balance account restructuring

Transitions in proprietorship and generational transfers

buy-and-build techniques

Mergers and industry consolidations

Company Measurement:

enterprise value of $10 million to $500 million


a variety of securities that may include equity, subordinated debt, or a combination of the two

only invest in subordinated debt when we are significant equity investors.

Not Considered:

Energy products, start-ups, real estate financing, financial institutions or underwriters, and project finance.