Exchange Traded Funds

Vanward is a leading provider of asset servicing for the global ETF market. Vanward is an ETF specialist for US, European and Asian-domiciled products, and works with both experienced ETF managers and new, innovative market entrants to introduce and grow their ETF products.

Deep and Diverse Product Expertise

With a team comprised of specialists from all areas of the ETF industry, Vanward maintains expertise across the full realm of physical (in specie) and synthetic ETF and Exchange Traded Product (ETP) structures. Our clients employ active, passive and quantitative ETF strategies. We service emerging/developed equity and fixed income, inverse/leverage, currency, and commodity ETF products.

Consulting with Clients from Concept to Implementation

Vanward specialists consult with ETF sponsors through a variety of legal, research-oriented, and project management hurdles related to the launch and growth of ETF products. Our clients benefit from:

   • Expertise in the ETF pre-launch process and across multiple asset classes and geographies
   • Deep relationships with listing exchanges, distributors, and authorized participants
   • Experience and insights into the global ETF industry via subject matter experts who have come from fund promoters, service providers, index providers, trading and technology firms
   • A hands-on, consultative approach to servicing clients

Scalable and Flexible ETF-Specific Technology

Vanward has made a strategic decision to invest in a custom, market leading technology platform specifically designed to service ETFs:

   • ETF ConnectTM, offering online access to client data, reporting and other powerful tools that promote business management
   • AP EXchange TM, offering trade functionality and the flexibility to submit and monitor, create and redeem activity
   • ETF Star, an ETF-specific platform that is fully integrated with Vanward’s core accounting system with focus on basket and Portfolio Composition File (PCF) generation