Trust Services

Our seasoned trustees and executors collaborate with our clients and advisors to administer and manage all types of trust account from a straightforward living trust to more complicated vehicles such as retirement funds, charitable foundations and estate planning with expert precision and first-rate knowledge and experience.

Providing Continuity for Your Family

By serving as trustee and/or executor, we provide our clients the continuity to help achieve their personal and financial goals over generations. Our comprehensive services include:

• trust and estate administration
• estate plan implementation
• fiduciary tax return preparation
• Delaware trustee services
• foundation management and administration
• fiduciary record-keeping and accounting
• income tax planning for trusts, estates, grantors, and beneficiaries
• IRA administration

Vanward and its affiliates do not provide legal advice and do not provide tax advice unless Private Banking Private Client Tax Services is engaged for tax return preparation services. Clients should consult with their legal or tax advisor before taking any action relating to the subject matter of this communication.