Targeted Technology Solutions via Infomediary

A core component of Vanward’s single integrated technology platform is the robust Vanward Infomediary® messaging and connectivity engine, specially designed for asset managers, insurance companies, banks, fund distributors, industry infrastructures and other technology platforms. Infomediary helps clients focus on their core business and enhance their competitive edge by solving numerous operational challenges relating to reconciliation, trade messaging and management, corporate actions, FX netting and aggregation, as well as differing or non-existing industry standards.

Connecting the Financial Services Marketplace A highly customizable, hosted communications platform, Infomediary provides a single connectivity point between clients and their external service providers and internal systems. Infomediary takes in data in any electronic format, normalizes it, and then translates, transforms, and transmits the information over networks such as SWIFT or via proprietary connections.

Innovative Modular Applications for Complex Operations In addition to its core messaging and connectivity capabilities, Infomediary offers exclusive modular applications such as:

   • InfoAction®: multi-provider automation for the entire corporate actions event lifecycle
   • InfoFX®: a dynamic foreign exchange alternative that combines quality execution with cost efficiencies and clear, comprehensive reporting – all through a fully automated, efficient workflow
   • InfoRecon™: a scalable outsource solution that provides an automated process for reconciling cash data and securities data across all service providers
   • InfoNAV™: a multi-provider, secondary NAV tool designed for asset managers to oversee NAV production across all their administrators